Such a Perfect Day…

25th February 2022

Thanks Mr Reed… I don’t care if your song was about love or addiction, the sound track played in my head all day – and I was in love and addicted to the pure white stuff – SNOW. My cheek muscles were aching from grinning and my leg muscles were burning from the unaccustomed activity of skiing. We were lucky enough today to have that perfect combination of snow, blue sky and only moderate summit winds. Getting to the ski area was a bit of a trauma with the snow gates closed on both sides of the hill for a while – I was told that there was a 4 mile queue on the South side – but that could be a Glenshee rumour. The queue was pretty big on the Braemar side and went all the way through the village and down the road towards the Castle…

There were a lot of ski mountaineers out today and I did spot at least one person dropping down into one of the gully descents…  There is a real mixture of soft snow, icy snow and deep wind carved ridges so you have to be ‘on the ball’ and prepared to react as the terrain constantly changes under your skis. Having waited so long to get my new skis out there, I would have happily skied on any of the white stuff today.

Unfortunately if you weren’t able to get out there today – It is back to normal service tomorrow with the freezing level lifting up to between 1000 and then 1200 metres. The strong winds are returning and will be severe gale force and potentially storm force over the highest summits.

Long shot over to the White Giants …

Beautiful wind carved ridges on Glas Maol plateau area. Not great to ski on though!

The Cairnwell looking much whiter. Long queue of cars travelling up to the ski area…

Skier dropping into one of the popular gully descents. Lots of ski mountaineers out today.

There are some large wind features out there at the moment

Great to see Glenshee Ski Centre looking so white and having a well deserved busy day.

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  • roger clare
    25th February 2022 10:23 pm

    Hi guys.

    Unfortunately I was unable to get on the hill today but can confirm that the queue was indeed a good four miles extending way past my house! Glad you were able to enjoy some good conditions for a change



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