31st January 2022

Well Aberdeenshire took a battering from Storm Corrie last night – An awful lot of trees have come down – along with the power lines. Apologies for the late post – we have been without power all day. Thanks – you awesome power line guys – we’ve just come back on – much appreciated. The situation report and stability forecast were ‘written’ via a landline today with my poor colleague in the North having to transcribe my ramblings….

The situation on the hill is that the winds were so strong that most new snow couldn’t settle and got blown straight through. There are some localised accumulations of windslab – occasionally with some depth – but the vast majority are shallow and avoidable. The freezing level is due to rise up over the summits tonight, so the mostly cosmetic cover will have disappeared by the morning at lower levels.

Another very windy day forecast for Tuesday……

Looking across the top of Right Hand Black Spout. White = New snow. Grey = Old snow.


Looking down Right hand Black Spout, deepish fresh snow in the foreground, old snow off to the right and shallow snow centre shot.


Very little new snow (or old!) at the top of Left Hand Black Spout


It won’t take too much to get some of the gullies back in condition. Raeburn’s Gully II, ****


Looking across the corrie from high on West Ridge


The winds blasting through Meikle Pap col ensured that very little snow settled there

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