Avalanche debris.

20th December 2021

Another cool start in the glens. The clouds started breaking mid-morning giving a hit or miss sunny day to some places. I went up to have a look at the debris from yesterday’s reported avalanche. Uncertain when this full depth avalanche happened but the details are on the SAIS website along with another similar looking one that has been reported over towards Glas Maol.

Carn an Tuirc. The recent avalanche is out of site over the right ridge on a South aspect.


The Cairnwell in the background in and out of the cloud.


Debris blocks, dog for size.


Investigating around the start zone.


The crown wall. Around 1.5 metres high.


Below is some video to help give further context. Please report any avalanche activity or debris via our website.

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  • Alasdair
    21st December 2021 10:00 am

    A first for drone footage on the SAIS site? Brilliant when combined with your excellent photographs to give a real sense of scale and perspective, and also a timely illustration that potentially lethal avalanches can occur on fairly innocuous-looking hills. Great contribution to awareness at the start of the season, thanks.

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