11th January 2020

It’s slightly prophetic when you’re staring out of a rain streaked windscreen and you plug in your Shuffle for a bit of walk in music and Pink’s “I have seen the rain. I have felt the pain” lyrics get sung back at you….! Well I definitely saw the rain today. The ground is water logged and the burns are up. It was a wet boot kind of day. Gradually however as I made my way up Black Spout RHF the rain turned to snow. It’s set to stay cold for the next 24 hour period as well but only a small amount of snow is forecast to reach this far across the country.

As a bit of extra training I’d offered to swop out the O2 bottle in the MR box in the corrie of Lochnagar and on such a dismal day I was expecting to have the corrie to myself – However it was great to see Aberdeen MRT in there as well making the most of the slim offerings. Apologies a number of the photos were taken when there was either rain or snow on the lens…

Keen to burn of a few more Xmas calories I offered to swop out the O2 at the BMRT box and put a fresh bottle in there. This box contains vital equipment that is needed if somebody gets injured in the corrie.

AMRT make their way across the boulder field – this nightmare would be much improved with several metres of snow on it!

AMRT in Black Spout LH finish

AMRT exiting Black Spout LH finish

Looking up Black Spout RHF – definitely not in winter condition!

Looking across to the main cliffs from the West Ridge. Pretty much stripped out now.

High water levels at the moment. Water flowing over the top of the dam on a lochan in Ballochbuie Forest.



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