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5th January 2020

It would be very easy at the moment to be bitterly disappointed at the lack of the white stuff but I’m working at finding positives wherever I go and today it was clear that there are a lot of people out walking at Munro level who might not want to do so if it were full on winter conditions with blizzards and the requirement for winter equipment. It was great to see so many walkers out getting the miles in. I’m personally finding new tops to go to and visiting places that I wouldn’t normally work and it’s great to be out there.

Lots of walkers out today bagging Munros. The triple bag of Carn Aosda (917m), Carn a’Gheoidh (975m) and The Cairnwell (933m) have the honour of being the most accessible of the Munros.

Very welcome shelter from the bitter wind was found at the summit of Carn a’Gheoidh (975m).

If someone had told me when I first learned to ski (a very long time ago!) that in the future the snow would be made by a snow factory I wouldn’t have believed them (physics wasn’t my strongest subject!) but today even after days of positive temperatures people were learning to ski. Those little ice pellets are made of tough stuff. Let’s hope they get a little help from nature soon.

The very impressive snow factory installed at Glenshee Ski Centre

The wee ice pellets are proving to be fairly resilient. Skiers & boarders were still having fun today despite the positive temperatures.

The weather is looking volatile over the next few days with fluctuating freezing levels forecast and some very strong winds. However the ‘snow’ word was thrown into the mix so we’ll be keeping a close eye on the daily weather forecasts over the coming week.

Apologies for the photos today – the cloud base fluctuated around 850 to 900 metres and it was really difficult to get a decent shot of anything….

View North from the col between Carn Bhinnein (917m) and Carn a’Gheoidh (975m).

Loch Vrotachan (750m) feeding into the Baddoch Burn might normally be expected to have some ice on it at this time of year….


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  • roger
    5th January 2020 9:43 pm

    A well thought out and hopefully well received blog Sam. Despite or because of the current conditions I’m sure you’re right; there are probably a lot of folk out and even enjoying their day because of the lack of winter. So easy to sit and moan instead of getting out and making the most of what we’ve actually got!

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