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10th March 2019

Well it’s been a bit snowier than expected today with snow showers continuing right through the day – Currently snowing quite hard here in Braemar at 16.30 hrs. The wind picked up quite early which meant that there was constant drifting even at lower altitudes. Visibility was very poor above 800 metres with nothing to take a photo of except me! Conditions dictated that zero skin was exposed with goggles essential during the snow showers if you wanted to operate effectively – as the wee video clip below shows. Due to the strong winds, deposits are only forming in the most sheltered of locations but here they are becoming quite deep. We have reached that point where serious thought needs to be given to route choice as applying additional load to the snowpack in steeper locations will provide the trigger for avalanche activity. Even releasing a small patch of unstable windslab can dislodge an individual on steeper ground with serious consequences given the run outs at present. Due to the current snow distribution there are plenty of options for safe travel – If it’s soft and deep, steer clear on steeper ground.


Photo inside the white room at 980m – Goggles essential.

Sun trying to break through between the showers

Isolated drift of about 75cm at around 750m.

Dropping out of the cloud at 700m – a monochromatic scene. The A93 was just starting to turn white at the S-bend at the top of the pass.

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