Heavy Snowfall Forecast

15th March 2018

Firstly – apologies for no decent photos – with 67 mph average wind, gusting 92 mph recorded – 200m horizontal and 30m vertical from where I was, I had my hands full hanging on to my skis, poles, rucksack etc…. Oh and there was no visibility anyway! So nothing exciting to look at apart from The Met. Office mountain weather forecast for tomorrow.


Wee Eastie Beastie Two is coming. Quite short lived but bringing a heavy dump of snow. Southern Cairngorms specific Met Office forecast has just over 50cm of snow expected at 933m (The Cairnwell) in the next 24 hours. Obviously there will not be a level cover of 50cm as severe gale force winds have also been forecast – so whilst some areas will be stripped of any snow, wind sheltered locations will have deposits rapidly accumulating (and releasing) in them.

Conditions on the mountains are going to be serious, with the combination of heavy snow and severe gale force winds making any significant progress almost impossible at altitude. Binge watch something on Netflix? Spring clean the house? Maybe sort your email in-box? If everything goes to forecast it’s probably one of those days to get on with all the jobs you’ve been putting off whilst the skiing/climbing has been good…

Stay safe out there…

The Met Office weather forecast for The Cairnwell (933m) on Friday




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