Not quite sunny.

6th February 2018

It was a windy but not unpleasant day. Sun came out in the afternoon. Ski’s were the way to go in the new soft cover today. I did see a couple of walkers but they decided to head down when faced with flogging up through deep drifts in the strong winds. There is actually some good walking routes around using more exposed and scoured routes.

If your skiing you probably don’t want your best ski’s, the snow is baseless at lower levels, those rocks await!

Pretty unstable higher up where accumulations have developed but areas with depth are not widespread.

Still a bit cloudy in the morning. Wind has helped improve coverage although it is baseless under 700 metres.


Windy today with a fair bit of snow on the move. Some decent accumulations building in lee locations.


Cairn Bannoch (r) and Broad cairn. Good firm coverage across higher plateau areas but you can see where the recent strong winds have stripped snow. `


Stability wasn’t great underfoot in isolated locations.


Same for ski’s!


Good views across to Culdardoch in the afternoon. The forests have enough for skiing as well.





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