It’s icy out there!

23rd February 2018


Enjoyable fast travel around the hills on very frozen surface layers at the moment but very cold and icy in places.

Some changes going on within the snow,  weaker layers are starting to develop in the colder temperatures although while bridged by icy, strong surface layers this will not affect the good stability we currently have.

Today was cloudy for a while, I observed widespread rime that has formed on windward objects.


Looking towards Carn nan Sac, rime building on windward facing rocks. ‘Sac Attack’, the popular ski descent in the background, like everywhere else is very icy at the moment.


Underneath all the ariels on The Cairnwell you’ll see a ‘pile of snow’. It is actually rime thats build up on the ariels until it collapsed. It feels very much like manufactured snow, maybe I should have pushed it down the hill onto the pistes!


Hoar frost on ski’s. Well developed in sheltered locations. 



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