27th January 2018

It was a surprisingly windy day, particularly in the afternoon. A gust of 100 mph was recorded at Cairnwell (922 metres). It nearly had me over a couple of times, good day to stay away from the edges of crags!

There was a fair bit of snow overnight, again strong winds pushing it into sheltered locations. Snow now is slowly thawing.


Some surface instabilities on very steep slopes.


The snow has significantly softened but stability is good in most locations. Was glad to get out the wind at the pit site!


Unexpected blue skies for a while this afternoon.


Not a car park theft but the power of the wind picking up stones and hurling them into car windows. I did look over the hillside for the owners but couldn’t see them, bad way to finish your day!

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  • Garry
    28th January 2018 5:36 pm

    Back to the car fairly early, having had a short hill day. Fortunately did not have far to go, but still a pain. Thanks for trying to get to me earlier.
    I can also vouch for the wind at the top of Cairnwell.

    • scairngormsadmin
      30th January 2018 1:31 pm

      Hi Garry, I was a bit worried about security of vehicle, but figured it wouldn’t be long before you were down. Hope to see you around, with windows intact!

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