More avalanche finds.

8th January 2014

I thought I would try a walk round Glas Maol today. Hopefully it would clear and I could check out different aspects. 
Well it didn’t clear, well not until later on.  I managed a few aspects and got some info, but had hoped to see a bit more. 
Glas Maol summit today, at least it wasn’t too windy.

Take nothing but photo’s……….
It’s thataway…….

I’ve been in Corrie Fionn a bit recently, waiting to see if the Corrie had avalanched. Found out today it had! Probably from Sunday eve/Monday. Couldn’t see into the start zone properly, looks like cornice’s are involved and there has been 3 avalanches as  far as I can tell. The bigger one appears to have ran over other debris.
Starting zone is around 980-1000 metres and it’s travelled down to the gully in the centre of the picture,  around 850 perhaps a bit lower. Those that ski at Glenshee will know this Gunbarrel. However the area is shut to skiers at the moment. The avalanche is certainly not the biggest we’ve seen from here but is was funneled, perhaps giving it a bit more force.

Not particularly wide but fairly deep debris in some places. Please use our report page on the website if you come across anything, thanks.

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