Snow density and wet snow avalanches

22nd March 2010

Much more avalanche research has been done on dry snow avalanches than wet snow…must be the skiing quality. After this big snow season there are certainly some candidate slopes for deep release to ground. Timing is difficult to figure out and lots of factors for example; direct sun, rain, rapid warming, glide and the nature of the snowpack. It seems once percolation channels are established in the snowpack it takes lot of rain to affect stability. Snow density samples help give an idea about the water content of the snow. In some areas sampled the percolation channels have not been established. See further comment below this photo.

One of the authors of this blog is now getting way over my snow science head so I will hand over for further comment in the next few days to one of Scotlands snow scientists, Dr James Floyer PhD (UBC & UofC) who has been working for the SAIS this winter

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